Shaking Up

Are you ready for some chill-out activities? Me too!

Today, an irrepressible Mars-Uranus square is the third one in a series that began on May 16th and then on August 2nd . All this happening under today’s numerology 2.

It’s the pure manifestation of stress, but also releasing it through unexpected channels. You and I may have a chance to move through resistance before it solidifies even more.

So, it will be no surprise, if you will experience a power outage!

My proposal to pack your walking shoes and gym bag …is serious. By the way, your yoga 🧘🏽‍♂️ class will be happy to have you back ….

Feeling anxious? Don’t start hyperventilating!

Turn on the aromatherapy diffuser, take some deep breaths… Also a gentle Bach Flowers Cocktail will get you back to Zen… and then get a fresh point of view over today’s agenda .

This can of course also include, that you will let everybody know via memorandum , that you need another day or two to deliver those super-urgent-reports.

Fortunately, after today, these two high-strung planets are done with this dance for another couple years. Isn’t that good news?

Happy Tuesday!

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