Stay the Course to enjoy Victory!

It’s a Saturday with a very earthy energy. La Luna’s Grand Earth Trine with the planets, Uranus and cautious Saturn empowers us to balance innovation with prudence.

But the head and your and my heart ❤️ might not cooperate while accommodating Venus and demanding Mars are locked in a contentious square. It’s definitely time to do a deponer review… especially now, that we are just a step away from the New Moon 🌚 , also in Virgo ♍️.

So , now what? I totally agree with you, that criticism is never fun, b u t self-examination can be useful, when you see it as a matter of incremental improvement and learning from the past.

Becoming aware of the new needs enables you to make necessary adjustments. My suggestions for the day are:

Use the day’s forced slowdown to recalibrate with a partner in love or business. There are a couple of questions that might be helpful to get the right direction…Are your values in alignment? If not, could you reach a compromise?

Oh and before I forget it ….you may see ways, that people could do things more efficiently and comfortably. B u t your unsolicited advice could come across as critical or smothering. Well, emotion may run high, but if you stay the course in a friendly way… you might enjoy victory…

…You know, sometimes it’s just better to let people figure things out on their own… #justsaying 😉😊 •

Happy Saturday!

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