Don’t miss the spontaneous-fun-moment

Good Morning! ☕️🥐 Buenos Dias! Guten Morgen!

It’s a fresh month with exciting opportunities ahead . My first tip is that you shouldn’t forget the 🌂 umbrella . So far it is raining cats and dogs .

We start September with numerology three. There is lots of creativity and inspiration in the air. Actually it is the perfect day to make art for art’s sake 🎨 . Especially, with six planets traveling through earth signs, it’s very important to not miss the spontaneous-fun-moment.

Of course, connecting all the dots is also very important now, as well as focusing on the short and long-term goals. Nevertheless , in all this down-to-earth thinking listen to your heart as much as your head.

We are in full swing of Virgo time, so how about pampering your body, mind and soul with some healthy menu. If you have been struggling with your waistline 😂 … a deli-salad lunch or dinner could be a perfect option… #justsaying … If you’re a snacker, reload your fridge with cut veggie and hummus

Happy Saturday! ☕️🥐🍎

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