Get your Zest back

Starting a fresh week with new opportunities especially with the recent Full Moon in Piscis . Change is one of the main keywords.

Also the warrior planet, Mars is finally turning direct . This will bring the boost to implement a more efficient strategy or to restructure how you handle your personal and profesional agenda .

This Monday has the vibration of a number one. There is strength and determination to make thinks happen.

Now, with all this enthusiasm to move forward and see results, watch out what you are promising . Mars can come on too strong, and people could walk away from the negotiating table.

By midweek, Jupiter and Venus will be in a harsh angel. If you have a tendency to overspend… than better leave all your credit cards at home. Focus, focus, focus 😂😃

By the way this includes also relationship-goals . Since the month of June, you and your sweetheart probably have not been dancing 💃 🕺🏻 waltz together. Better said, apparently you two are drifting apart… we’ll, now that Mars will be direct you will clearly find out if there is still a common goal 😉.

Enjoy getting your zest back and being stronger than ever 😃. You really needed this break!

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