Purifying Friday

Good Morning! Buenos Días 🌥! Guten Morgen!

It’s Friday and the mind, body and soul know it 😊. Over here, the day has started with better weather. But, meanwhile the Sun is still deciding on, if she wants to sneak through the clouds🌥 or, if she will take the day off… I have been working on today’s update .

I like it so much, that every once in a while, in numerology we get the invitation to pull the hand breaks and to purify certain areas in our life.

Today could be your and my chance to do so once again. With the vibration of the number nine, you decide, if you assist the ” free-decluttering-emotional and – spiritual-detox-party” .

Come on, let’s join it! 😊☕️☕️

You will feel so good for the rest of the day and this weekend.

You know, I am sure you agree with me, that finding flaws with others is easy…, but your best move, now, is to check that your integrity is in place 🧐.

Connect with your soul before reacting impulsively. No one can mess with you when you deeply respect yourself.

Put your hand on your heart ❤️, have you tried everything to make things work? Has somebody been using you generosity and kindness again and again for taking advantage. Is there some pattern in your life you are constantly repeating, although you know it needs and urgent re-structuring-makeover .

Well, I have good news for you … today’s is your chance to to let go, to turn pages, to close chapters and to definitely move on.

Isn’t this a wonderful opportunity. So, take some time during the day and prepare a little ritual to celebrate this closing-chapter-event.

Retire to your favor spot with a journal 📓 and a pen . Maybe you should also take the ” do- not-disturb-sign” …That all you need… ah and something to hydrate 😊☕️🥤🥛🍶.

Make yourself comfortable and then write all this things you need to get rid of in your journal. It can be a bullet list, a letter, just random sentences. Put a date on this . Close you journal, inhale and exhale, visualize how the universe took charge of your burden and that your are now able to start from scratch… How are you feeling now?

By the way you can repeat this excercise whenever you need, also on other numerology days 😊, but it is definitely is very effective on a day with numerology #9.

Wishing you all a very Happy and purifying Friday! 🧘🏼‍♂️ 🧘🏽‍♀️🍀

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