Course Correction Anyone?

Good Morning ! Buenos Días! Guten Morgen! It’s so nice to see you again here at my little Numerology Café . Over here it is a super ☔️ rainy fresh morning… very inspiring to work on today’s update.

Although there might be the thing with inspiration and intuition…. the planets Mercury and Mars are still retrograde ( and four other planets too), so the dinámica is a little slow ☕️☕️.

On the other hand today’s numerology is #8. A powerful and pushy number , batteling with the slow dinámica… and probably misleading you and me .

My special tip: Leave the assumptions and hasty conclusions for the next week .

this could be a very productive today, if you consciously limit our 💭 thinking. The temptation is there to get lost in fantasy and emotions.and also you might be ready take a leap. I highly recommend you give it a 2….3… thought and re-view all the details

Happy Thursday!

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