Thursday Coffee

Hello Good Morning ☕️! How are you? How Mercury has treated you so far 😄? I know it’s a little early to worry you and of course I don’t want to be a “Spielverderber” (party-popper), but there are still ten more days we need to deal with the communication planet traveling retrograde 😎.

But you know what, in general I have received very positive feedback in this occasion … apparently everybody is dealing much better with delays, cross-wired conversation / communications …. and even with unexpected electronic-device-breakdowns…

This Thursday has a very progressive and dynamic vibration under the numerology #1. The Sun and Mercury are transiting in Leo. Exactly what you might need to un-dust your wish-goal-list 📝.

So, don’t let relationship politics distract you from your path. You’ll be far more productive, if you don’t feel anyone’s impatient energy whirring in the background.

If necessary close that door… focus and concentrate. you can make major strides toward a milestone, but you’ll need some alone time to accomplish your mission. So far I am ready for another coffee ☕️

Wishing you all a very productive day.

P.D. Plan something exciting for tonight 😉… you will definitely need to chill-out.

Happy Thursday 🍀

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