Your Intention creates you Reality

Hello Good Morning ! ☀️ We, my dogs and I are greeting you from our favorite coffee shop on this fresh Tuesday morning ☕️🍩🥐. How are you?

Today, I have a couple of tips prepared, now that the planet #Venus is traveling in #Libra … maybe not all of this will suit you , but I am sure there is a little something for everybody 😄. Are you ready ?

Challenge the temptation to spoil people just to create the harmony you require😉. That’s a very important aspect, as there is all this sweetness at hand. Although the task of finding balance in relationships demands your serious commitment, now, that Venus, the planet of love, is singing 🎶 her sweet song in Libra♎️

So, set an intention on how you want to use this cosmic good fortune 🔮 and stick with it. Having a clear purpose creates direction, but things could easily get out of hand without a specific goal 📝

On the other, you might be letting go of the need for validation by accepting that the world is very often what you make it 😄

By the way… The feedback you are looking for might come from another source. Pride is an obstacle in the field of love.

Todays numerology is eight.

Wishing you all a very lovely and productive Tuesday 🍀🍎!

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