Wherever you are, be all There

Hello Good Morning! ☀️ Buenos Dias! Guten Morgen! It’s so good to see you here again in my little Numerology Cafe. Did you enjoy your weekend? I hope you are relaxed and ready for a busy week 😊.

It’s an Eclipse week. The last of three Eclipses this year. We start this Monday with Numerology #7.

The urge to walk instead of run is strong and it gets slippery when important details are overlooked .

The planet Mercury is still retrograde and under the current sky, it’s necessary to stay alert. Concentration and focus are the main keywords. Also, you do good in using the prefix “re” with most of your verbs 😄.

Rest assured you will reach your destination in due time ✨.

Definitely there is no need to hurry today. Of course you should still consider some extra time to get to the airport, you appointments and so on. But in general I would say, better trust the process and enjoy every bit of the journey.

But… there is still more 😃 Venus sails into Libra ♎️ and makes big waves in your partnerships.

Single or attached, you’ll experience an undeniable shot of love 💕 as vixen Venus beckons. A casual fling can magically morph into the real thing. (#justsaying)

Keep an open mind when it comes to dating and forming new friendships. Some very different types could spark your interest—and surprising synergy.

😊 Happy Monday!

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