Go for your Dreams

Hello Good Morning ☀️! Is it just me or are you also sending a little headache … if so, don’t worry too much . It should be vanishing thought out the day . Juice 🥤 , fruit 🍉 and salads 🥗 will still be a good menu option for the day.

So why the headache and uneasy feeling ? Well, that’s the reaction to the pressure Mars and Uranus have been excercising. Happily, today is the last day …😅

With today’s numerology “four” are you ready for a busy Friday? Yeah, I know it’s Friday and all you want is step as soon as possible into weekend mood . B u t , with the Moon 🌙 still traveling in Aries ♈️ … it’s worth to walk some extra miles and go for your dreams ✨

Of course should also plan something special for tonight . Then the Moon will already be surfing in Taurus… We will have our 2. paint 🎨 & Sip 🍷 …. here my special tip: socialize strategically! Bubbles 🥂 chit-chat could evolve into business talk, even if it is Friday.

Wishing you all a very productive and successful Day 🍀!

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