Sparks fly

Good Morning! Buenos Dias! Guten Morgen!

Today I am greeting you from my Veranda. Its a very fresh, cloud-free 🌌 Wednesday morning , August 1st, 2018. A new month, fresh chi with exciting opportunities at the horizonte. B U T it is also a kind of chaotic month.

So, many people are reporting that the life feels quite crazy right now. How is Mercury retrograde treating you?

We already had two eclipse. Has there been any message for you ?

Today…Standstill is not your preferred mode, and you might be even more eager than ever to start a new adventure now.

Nevertheless, a volatile Mars-Uranus square pushes us the next three days dangerously close to the edge of safety.

Forewarned is forearmed 😂✨👍 • plus today’s numerology is #2 ✨slowing down down the dinámica is a good option. Balance is the top keyword

Listen carefully to your intuition for valuable insights.

Use the cosmic momentum to finish those tasks you have postponed for too long ✅

On the other hand, just when you thought you were off the hook at work, an “urgent assignment” could drop into your lap.

Inhale, exhale, and concentrate 😊☕️. Sometimes, those who fly solo have the strongest wings.

Happy Wednesday! Happy month beginning 🍀

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