Good Morning ☀️ ! Bonjour! Guten Morgen !

So, how have you been, after the first day of Mercury Retrograde? Are you ready for he longest Eclipse if the century XXI? It’s a Full Moon 🌕 Friday in Aquarius ♒️. A super culmination of energy

I hope you had some time to backup your data 😉. Happily, last night I had the chance to work on this. Did I tell you that, during the first retrograde season, my phone and my tablet suddenly stopped working . You can’t imagine what a trouble that was … I write most of my posts and forecast on my phone …

So, today’s numerology is a nine ✨. It’s a double nine. The day is a 27 = 9 , plus the sum of the complete date adds also up to a 27 = the second no 9. Additionally the numerological vibration of the month July is also a 9.

The absolute invitation to be prepared that something is coming to an end . Under the current with the “Blood Moon 🌝 “in store . The red-orange sparkle will give a helping hand to purify relationships, partnership, toxic situations … P O O F!

Get ready to blast into a whole new social realm. Your friends in high places reflect your excellence, but there may be a few with whom you take issue now.

Trust, that the cosmic clearing is making space for more righteous connections of the heart. The Lunar Eclipse offers also new freedom in self-expression.

Pleasure and Creativity, and of course also retrograde Mars/ Mercury asks you to reevaluate how you cultivate joy.

Wishing you all a very productive and harmonious Friday!

Happy Eclipse 🌕✨🔥💥!

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