Thursday Zauber

Good Morning ! ☀️ Here I am, already at my favorite coffee-shop. … and then heading to the airport, taking all kind of precautions, as Mercury starts just today the next retrograde tour 😅.

But you know, I am giving some serious thought 💭 on, if either I will write about the typical “Mercury Retrograde” alerts for the next 4 weeks or if I will share with you why the following four weeks are the best of this summer …. I have 18 top tips, I will share later during the day.

For now, as time is running and I have to catch a flight … I will leave you with this tip:

Restore your communication confidence by practicing what you want to say before delivering your performance at work. #mercuryretrograde 😉

• it’s also Leo season • today’s numerology is 8 • (strut your feathers 🐓 )

So, handle your business before heading out of town and you’ll be just fine. Managing your priorities wisely casts you in the best light

In case you are wondering what is Zauber…

Happy Thursday ✨!

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