Objectivity is your Friend

Hi there ! Good Morning 😃! It’s a beautiful Monday morning; birds are singing everywhere… I so love this summer weather.

This is an interesting week we are just starting . It’s Leo 🦁 season . Fashion, fun, joy, celebrations 🎊 mood, show, show-off, subjectivity, emotional ups-and -downs and also some ego issues will be on the table.

The next Eclipse and Mercury’s 2. Retrograde Phase of the year are part of the Menu.

Well, … and then there is also a little twist ahead for tomorrow. Venus and Neptune bring some foggy breeze…opposing one another on Tuesday.👀 Making it clear that you are not seeing something clearly at all.👀 be attentive ! Snap out of it — before your heart pays the price 💔

You remember that I talked about the July numerology in general ? All month long there is this healing-closing-chapter-emotional-detox energy surrounding us. … so, maybe this is the time to break free from something that’s still toxic in your life. Everything is possible !

Todays numerology is a #5 (five) and all about action. Is your Master-To-Do plan ready? 📝 get things done. Stick to your strategy and plan. By all means leave impulsiness and impatience in the closet… you better dress today with the Zen-inhale-exhale look👌💫

Allow the murkiness to clear before jumping to any wild conclusions.

My special tip: Objectivity is your friend • Happy #Monday✨

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