The 22 Master-To-Do Plan

Hi there! Good Morning! ☀️🌴Buenos Días ! Guten Morgen!

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, with a light and fresh breeze 🌬. Today I greet you from my Veranda. The coffee machine is running and I just finished polishing the details for today’s astrological and numerological update. Are you ready?

Have you seen today’s date? It’s July 22th, 2018.

The day is a 22 = master number

If we take each digit and add them up the result is also a “22”

2+2+7+2+0+1+8 = 22

this is certainly a very special combination and a strong invitation to work on a Master-To-Do-Plan🤩 . This is not a time for passiveness. The Master number 22 is a powerful base to make things happen. You can and will be very successful as long as you stick to a strategy, to a Master-To-Do-Plan .

Finally the 22 adds up to the 22 adds up to the single digit 4. The spirit of walking the extra-mile to achieve your goals. Your actual choices have a long-term effect.

  • Actually, under the current sky, you may feel an energetic shift, that motivates you to tackle overdue chores or settle outstanding debts. Hurry up! You can still do some notable progress before Mercury turns retrograde later this week.
  • Well, I have some more exciting details✨, as the expressive energy of summer begins to culminate. The Sun ☀️ moves into showy Leo ♌️.

You and I , we can feel the heat of emotion, now that the Moon (in Sagittarius) and the Sun (in Leo) are both in fire signs.

Yeah that’s hot 🔥!

Also, a beautiful Venus-Jupiter sextile sets the stage for sweet 💕 love.

B u t, please be aware: To give because you truly want to is one thing. But to sacrifice because you feel pressured to is quite another. 😉( #justsaying)

Share your likes and dislikes freely and allow others to do the same. The twinkle ✨ in your eye reflects the light in your heart ❤️ .

Happy Sunday !

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