Money Talk |Lenormand and Coffee

Hi there! How are you today? My Lenormands are waiting to reveal the Friday tip . Are you ready?

Tára -tara 📯

#Lenormandsummer No . 29

34 + 7 + 3

Fish 🐠 + snake 🐍 + ship⛵️

Well, if this isn’t good news 📮 ? Uncertainties in financial matter could come to an end.

It’s time to move on. Are you ready for the 💰 money flowing in ? 😂😃 yes, there might be still some delay, but this is minor and the cash or deposit is on its way.

Can you also feel the breeze from the ocean ? How about a quick weekend trip to the beach. You remember that plan you had like two weeks ago? Why don’t you go and un-dust the idea 💡… a little escape to the beach or a river/lake nearby can be a superb mood-changer.

Wishing you all a very joyful and of course relaxing Friday! 🍀


#lenormandsummer no 29 • 🏖 •

• ⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the #author & #artist of this lenormand deck • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

Painting by Kikis de la Creme • “Ladies Sparkle” @ Art House World

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