Creativity Spark | Lenormand and Coffee

Hello again! I am greeting you today from a super sunny and warm San Miguel de Allende . My Feng Shui client and I are off for a coffee-break … and I take the chance to share with you today’s spread

#lenormandsummer No. 27


Clover + sun☀️ +stars ✨

What a beautiful Lenormand tip for a Thursday. These are harmonious and peaceful vibes surrounding us. But that’s not all … there are tons of creativity 🤩

Can you feel the sparkles, your intuition and inspiration 💡are also top on edge .

Your day didn’t start so well? Don’t worry there is somebody, who knows you very well and he/she/it will do anything to make you feel good .

Your communication channels might also be running hot . Everything from social media up to your SMS / WhatsApp… so, don’t forget to pack the chargers for your devices . 💻📲🖥🖨⌨️🔌

There could be interesting news from young colleagues/ familiars and also the opportunity to start a new project .


Happy Thursday 🍀

• ⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the #author & #artist of this lenormand deck • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

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