Switch the Searchlight on

Hello, Good Morning ☕️🍩 ! Today’s my dogs and I are super -duper-early- birds . How about you? Honestly, last night I got a little carried away with the writing on my new card deck and I couldn’t resist on having a sneak-peek on today’s date.

It’s July 18th, the day is an 18 and the year has also an 18. Both add up to a 9 . If you add up all the digits of today’s date you receive a 27 = 9 . Wow these are a lot of nines. 😳

This is a special Wednesday, midweek already. The energy of the nine is written all over it and if you thought I couldn’t top this anymore … hold on … July’s vibration is also a nine. It’s definetly time to get rid of some extra-luggage in all senses.

On a day like today, you may begin to feel a need to withdraw and spend more time by yourself. This will give you the opportunity to address any behaviour patterns that have been holding you back. ( the promise of a number #9 cleansing |detox | purification )

So, if you are a frequent reader of my blog , you might remember that I called this week a sandwich 🥪 week. 😃

Do you remember that you can’t win every argument you have, so be selective when pushing your opinions in other people’s direction. Some things matter more than others, and you’ll only get on people’s nerves if you insist you’re right about absolutely everything.

…Calling it being straight to the point doesn’t make what you say any less blunt. OK, maybe some things need to be said, but are you sure they need to be said like that? 🤪

You are painting with the full spectrum of the emotional rainbow 🌈 now.

Today’s planetary transits and numerology may leave you feeling more shaky and intense than usual. Melancholy is just as essential to experience as joy; the most important thing is to embrace whatever mood shows up. Fear not any moments of doubt; there’s no need to wear the mask of perfection all the time.

Finally, the planet Mars is retrograde, this might involve revisiting a project from your past (#justsaying).

Happy Wednesday 🍀

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