Good Morning 😃! Buenos días ! Guten Morgen! My day started so early … due to the time difference, I just finished a Feng Shui-online -consultation with a client in Germany… my 3. coffee is ready and at this right moment I am preparing the tips for you. Come and join me!

Now doubt, that there is something special about the number #8. Today, we have the moon in Virgo and the vibration of this powerful eight . Virgo moon makes this a highly productive day. By the way it is already a waxing Moon … ( you remember yesterday’s post) 😄

Virgo live natural products and a green🌱🍏🥦🥒🥗 lunch at the park could be a resfreshibg option for today.

On the other hand, it’s time to tie up those loose ends and make the most of the current supportive energy. I invite you to craft a master-to-do plan ☺️😉 for the day, the week and the rest of the month .

Have I already told you that next week we start another round of the communication planet, Mercury , turning retrograde?

Once you are tracing your Master-To-Do-Plan, … how about including in the first five priorities the backup of your devices . ( #justsaying) .

The Pre- Mercury-retrograde-phase is already running ☺️💻📱⌚️🚗🛵… so now is a good time to prepare and also to double check your bike 🚲 . You might need it as a Plan B.

You know that Mercury can also be nasty with transportation once… it is turning retrograde next week, don’t you? 😂

Wishing you a very successful day!

Happy Tuesday!

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