Resist everything but Temptation

Hello, good morning ! Buenos Dias! 🌴Guten Morgen !

How are you?

You know what I just figured out ?

We are una “sandwich-week”… yeah, it’s exactly the week between last week’s New Moon eclipse and next week’s Full Moon eclipse.

Last week’s New Moon eclipse was in the sign of Cancer♋️and the coming Full Moon eclipse will be in the sign of Aquarius♒️.

These are really important and interesting vibrations for chasing your dreams ✨✨

To be honest, It doesn’t get a lot more redolent with possibilities than that! So, think about •what it is that you want,

•what you’re committed to and hopefully also

•what you recently stated as your intentions at the time of the just-gone New Moon eclipse.

I hope, I am not tiring you, so early in the morning… probably I am getting a little carried away with my passion 😊, but I have a quick question for you, especially under today’s number -seven-vibration …

…what are your goals ?… from now ’til the end of 2018?

The energies will become hotter and hotter and more conducive to achieving your goals. ( we are heading to the next 🌕 full moon/ eclipse)

My special tip: go and un-dust your 2018 wishlist or if you wrote a new one last week… well, then work with this one 😉

You might ask what is so special about the coming full moon … here the deal: Think about what in your life you need to let go of. That’s the key. The Full Moon is a time when everything climaxes.

I will be writing more details as we get closer to the date .

For now, today’s vibration of the number #7 plus a a moon/Neptune opposition sends you spinning into a fog of indecision 😱😠

But you know, when things get too complicated, that’s a sign: It’s either not the right choice, or you need more information before making up your mind ☕️. For today, by all means resist the temporarily temptation.

Avoid committing to anything final until you’ve gathered the details. Remember that a friendly handshake is not the same thing as a signature on the dotted line.

Wishing you a very happy and productive Monday!

Stay tune! 😃

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