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Hi there! Welcome back to my Numerology -Feng Shui- Lenormand Cafe. How are you today? Ready for a quick coffee-break ?

You know what,  I just discovered that here, in my blog site ,I can also post audio and video. Yeah!!! So happy about this…

So for all of you my deck “Lenormand a la Mexicana ” is also a free App in iTunes and Googlplay, Here the link and also a small welcome audio of mine.

Link Lenormand a la Mexicana

Welcome Audio:

Please let me know your comments. Can you identify with the cards? What do you think of the App? How about our first digital spread ? Did you find orientation, guidance or even a clear answer.

Sending you a big hug and looking forward to hearing soon from you.

Kikis de la Creme.jpg


2 thoughts on “My FREE APP | Lenormand

  1. Congrats on the podcast! Sorry to hear about your father and I honestly can’t say I’ve experienced the loss of a parent. I hope that and from the looks of your blog your healing! Please continue to share your soul with the world we need the inspiration!

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