Be the rainbow in someone’s cloud

Hello Good Morning! ☀️ you are back to my little numerology Café. I like to see you hear, joining me for the first coffee ☕️ on this Monday .

How are you? Did you have an relaxing weekend?

I just finished my update for the day and the week, which by the way is packed like a volcano 🌋 explosión 💥.

With the planet #Venus about to transit in Virgo, Jupiter turning direct, plus the first of three Eclipses in this week, there is a lot of energy dancing around.

This week starts with numerology #one, adding still an extra boost to our activities.

Under such an exciting sky… Conversations are a dance 💃 of give and take, so strive to show true interest in others.

If you find yourself formulating a response, getting defensive, or searching for a similar story to reflect, take a pause 🧘🏼‍♂️ • inhale • exhale 🧘🏽‍♀️ • and first let others know you hear them.

It’s unnecessary to offer advice unless you are explicitly asked for it today. You know all those a ” Know-it-alls” are so boring; curiosity and compassion look much better on you.✨🤩😃

Enjoy the day!

Enjoy Life!

Happy Monday 🍀!

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