Time to Jump Ship 🚢

Good Morning! 😃 buenos días! Guten Morgen!

We, my 🐶 and I are greeting you from our favorite coffeeshop . Wow we are really having a good time … can tell they missed me 🤩☀️🍩🍪

What an interesting numerology I have today for you. The vibration of the number 7 in all senses. It’s not only the sum of today’s date, which adds up to the seven, but also the day is a seven plus the month of July . So fascinating!

…. so, here the deal for today 😊 …like this metal covering the door (featured image) stay strong and stable. Today’s vibration is focusing on your inner world. Nevertheless the ground may shake and lives may quake as the Moon runs into Uranus. actually you could find yourself bored with anything that smacks of status quo. Watch out for interesting opportunities, but don’t exaggerate.

Thankfully, you can find stability within your own #heart and mind while the Moon trines 🤩 pragmatic Saturn.

On the other hand enjoy to maximum this super day… the planet #Venus is traveling the last days in #Leo and here my extra tip:

How about polishing your 💄💇🏼‍♂️👔👗👙💅🏻 look and outfit? Get a new 👔, go for a 💇🏽, pamper yourself and strut your feathers!

This could be a really hot and romantic weekend.

Treasure it 😍Happy Saturday!😎🌴

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