Ready for the first coffee? Hello

Good Morning! Buenos Dias! Guten Morgen!

It’s already Friday! What a short week 😃 you might think… I am so glad it’s Friday, it has been a lot of traveling lately and I miss my dogs …. hopefully they miss me too 😂 .

So, today’s vibration is a number #6 and talking about missing my bulldogs, who are you missing ? Is there someone you would like to see or to talk to?

This is the special thing about the umber “six” , inviting you to make space in your busy agenda for a coffee or a greeting.

When was the last time you called your sister, mom or grandfather? 😍

When did you have time for, at least, a big #smile 😃for those who are unconditionally at your side?

Let’s see, when did you have the last time a friendly talk with your neighbor, who always supports you , when you are again out of salt or coffee?

Who always listens to your fears and complaints? When do you listen to their problems? Have you ever had a chat with this old man you see every morning on your way to the coffeeshop?

Well, n o w would be a good time to pause and show how much you #care 😊✨☕️☕️

Happy Friday! •

Today I also like to share with your that last month we opened two Etsy Shops. Yeah! This, to bring my products and services closer to you .

There are promotions and constant updates. If you like my Lenormand deck or to read my experiences and anecdotes ( note this book is written in Spanish, but very easy to read 😊😉) in ” La Tiendita” , or get a consultation with me, take a workshop or two , wish to buy one of my door and doorknob photography… it’s all in here at Kikis Café and Art House World .

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