The most productive day?i

Hello Good Morning ! How are you ? It’s a cooler 😅 breeZe welcoming me this morning . Yesterday I was flying all day … so I changed the routine and just finished my early morning meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️😊🌴✨So refreshing !

Today I also like to share with your that last month we opened two Etsy Shops. Yeah! This, to bring my products and services closer to you .

There are promotions and constant updates. If you like my Lenormand deck or to read my experiences and anecdotes ( note this book is written in Spanish, but very easy to read 😊😉) in ” La Tiendita” , or get a consultation with me, take a workshop or two , wish to buy one of my door and doorknob photography… it’s all in here at Kikis Café and Art House World .

•Today’s update is ready: know. When it comes to internal work, like reclaiming your serenity, tuning in to your emotions and processing a confusing situation, today you’ll make great strides. Let yourself reflect, journal, spend a little time in meditative contemplation.

Pause before you respond today 🧘🏼‍♂️ . There is cosmic turbulence in the #air and some hidden inner issues may surface when you least expect it. 😱😊

Sensitivity is amplified now, making it possible for #drama to erupt with a person who is just as passionate as you .

The Sun-Jupiter trine awakens your fierce competitive streak. You’re in it to win it, no apologies. But that’s no excuse for stepping on.

My special tip: watch your breathing 😊 and feel how you are relaxing .

By the way today’s numerology is #5. Happy Thursday!

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