Monday kick off

Good Morning ! A fresh week, exciting energy and starting a new month 🌻✨. The EclipseSeason will kick-off and Mercury will have another retrograde (starting July 26th) round, just to mention some of the key activities. New doors will open, others will simply close…My team and I will be working in several places in Missouri . The weather is incredible… just came back from my early morning walk. The Sun is already bright and warm…. getting hotter 😍 🔥. Just a quick update for the day:

… #balance ( and also a little patience) is the top keyword under the current sky and today’s numerology #2 . A brainstorming session could unleash some out-of-the-box brilliance ✨🤩. Hello, breakthrough! Nevertheless by Midday an energy crash is imminent • so plan a low-key evening to recharge your batteries • Happy Monday!

P.D. … almost forgot my little extra tip : Good things come to those who wait, so don’t destroy the a solid partnership with X-ray emotional ups and down and needless fears. Chances are, they’re based in your past, not the present.

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