Rollercoaster Ride

Hello Good Morning 🍀! Its officially the rain-season here in Mexico. Unfortunately its too wet 💦☔️to go for an early morning walk, but we ( my dogs and I) are early birds, nevertheless 😃.

How are you? Did you make your New Moon 🌚 wishes? Well I hope so, as the following days are still good for communication and negotiation. Well, as long as you handle some minor issues with diplomacy. So, here the tips for today :

  • The cosmic weather is unruly #today •
  • Its a Thursday with numerology #4
  • The planet Venus is battling with unpredictable #Uranus
  • This is like travelling on a 🎢, emotions are so unstable.
  • Personal ups and downs rise and fall like the tides, but your responsibilities remain 😳🤔
  • Don’t be daunted; inhale-exhale 🧘‍♂️
  • slowly move forward with steadfast #patience
  • all you need, is to stick to your priority list + get to #work
  • … oh and don’t forget to pack your good sense of humor 😁 and the 🌂… #justsaying
  • Happy Thursday 🍀!

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