Stamp your trademark

Good Morning ! June mood is on ✅. How are you? By the way, my team and I are back to Mexico and enjoying the summer breeze in full bloom. I would love to read how you are enjoying the summer season 🌴😎?

This is a super interesting week ahead. The planet #Venus is on tour and bringing love and abundance especially in the first half of the month. Today’s numerology is #3 adding an extra dash of creativity and inspiration to this Monday…here I have some more details. Come and join me with your coffee 😃 ?

  • You probably  want to discuss your latest ideas with your inner circle of trust, hoping to weed out those thoughts which might not be very productive.
  • That’s good!
  • Your friends are happy to listen with objecti ears and tell you exactly what they think.
  • But……. you might feel, that their information, comments and observations are not as powerful as you wish.
  • But… is it really them who are lacking in feedback, or…
  • could it be that your idea exposé is not so precise….
  • Always keep in mind , Communication  is  the human connection and the key to personal and career success.
  • Time to polish your speaking, listening 👂, writing skills….
  • but whatever you do, say or publish Stamp your trademark on your intellectual property before you share it with the world • #justSaying
  • Happy Monday! ☕️😎

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