Free Hugs

Good Morning! Guten Morgen 😃! Buenos Días ☀️! How are you? I am so happy to be back here . We are very busy bees 🐝 on this Saturday and excited to be on the #Japantag here in Düsseldorf. Blue sky, no clouds, the weather is just superb for the event. Today’s numerology is #6 and I have some details for you :

  • Today’s opposition between romantic Venus and cautious Saturn could give you pause🤔
  • Of course you and I and everybody else might not be so happy about this, but
  • the planet Saturn demands structure and order, and lately, it’s made you a lot more process-driven about everything from money to love
  • Happily, the diplomat of the zodiac, Venus can help you see that there are many shades of gray 😁🙌in your imagined black-and-white world
  • Hello, … open up a dialogue and see what the other party’s bottom line is!
  • There might be a big surprise ✨ and you may be closer to consensus than you realized.
  • Actually, under the current sky and today’s numerology #six communication and gratitude are two important keywords
  • Let people know how much you care 🤗
  • Maybe this is your “free-hugs” Saturday
  • With an extra touch of sensibility you will be able to enjoy with friends, family or neighbors beautiful day
  • After all, intuition is the whisper of the soul
  • Happy Saturday 🌷🌻🌼🌸

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