Fresh Perspective

Good Morning! Buenos Días! Guten Morgen ! How are you 😄☕️ we have been on-the -road 🚗 since early . It’s a cloudy ⛅️ morning here in Düsseldorf. Is it just me thinking, that the weather is kind-of menopausal 😂 ?What is this? Hello, it’s May! One day we are all sitting /l in super sunshine enjoying Italian 🍦 and the next day there are icy showers, ⛈ storm and strong wind 💨… well, but let’s talk about today’s numerology #4 :

  • Our struggle (s) are the short-term #lessons we learn to achieve long-term #success
  • Don’t get stuck in “square” thinking or in inflexible concepts
  • on the other hand, there is a lot of #sensibility in the air
  • One comment may be all it takes to provoke you—but don’t take the bait!
  • Here my proposal: you do a lot better in welcoming fresh perspectives 🤩
  • even if they feel a bit unfamiliar still 😉😃 • #justsaying •

• Happy Thursday! 🙌🤩

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