Decision |Indecision

Good Morning 😊! Guten Morgen! I am so happy to be back here with you. It’s a very fresh morning ( 8 degree Celsius) here in Monschau, Eifel. My first hot coffee ☕️ just tasted better than ever. Is it just me or can you also sense a difference in the dynamic ? Well, there is an explanation …. join me for some details:

  • The worst decision is indecision , I am sure you totally agree with me ,
  • But, we are in a period of rapid re-adjustment with the planets Mars and radical Uranus.
  • Both newly arrived in fixed signs and still locked in an explosive square.
  • What does this mean ? Can you recall the feeling when you want to run and something is strongly holding you back against your will… well it’s more or less like this.
  • Of course this is exhausting!
  • Enterprising Mars is bringing noisy distractions, and its square to reactionary Uranus prompts everybody to react passionately in the moment 😱☕️
  • The same tasks that appeared to be nearly impossible yesterday seem like child’s play today 🤩
  • Well, Although the unintended consequences of any impulsive behavior could include offending someone you respect
  • The good thing is … you can always address these concerns, if they actually come to pass …. 😅
  • Finally the worst decision is indecision!
  • On the other hand, today’s numerology is #6 and invites to reconnect with people around you.
  • … when was the last time you had lunch 🥗 with your mum, a coffee ☕️ with your colleague or a nice front-yard-chat 🏡 with you neighbor? 🧐
  • Especially today, make time for the people who are always there for you, who always offer support and a big smile😁

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#NumerologyEuropeTour Kikis de la Creme.jpg
#NumerologyEuropeTour Kikis de la Creme.jpg Öcher Print | Cafe van den Daele | Aachen, Germany

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