Pioneering Spirit

Good Morning! 😃 thanks for stopping by again ! It’s a beautiful morning . I am enjoying the silence of the moment to do some brainstorming while having my first coffee.

The update for today is ready :

  • You known, the only person you are destinated to be, is the person your decide to be
  • Its really all up to you 🌻
  • Today it’s a very special new moon 🌚 Tuesday . The planet #Uranus is celebrating the first day in ♉️ Taurus
  • How is your relationship between your prosperity & how much you value your work ?
  • Yesterday, I mentioned creative solutions… any thoughts about this ? 🧐🤔
  • Today’s numerology is #4 and under the current sky it’s inviting to think about stability , finances 💸💸 , resources , work, job …
  • It’s time to manage your resources more effectively!
  • For sure you have many brilliant ideas 💡, b u t which ones can you monetize ?
  • What you do for a living could radically shift over the coming eight years.
  • If you’re not currently working at a job that holds deeper meaning, that could change soon
  • Hey, but don’t forget to copyright and trademark your intellectual property 🤩
  • Your ideas probably are more special than you may realize—and could be worth big bucks to other people.
  • But there is still more 😱… oh yes ,and it might be complicated and painful for a while ,but better now than never …
  • Let’s talk about Passion!  That’s something you cannot fake or force between now and 2026.
  • If your heart isn’t into something (or someone), you could soon be bidding a sad but necessary sayonara /goodbye
  • Well, it’s definetly an exciting time ahead … Cultural trends, technology and scientific inventions are ruled by Uranus –
  • #justsaying Pioneering Spirit 😄👍
  • Happy 😊 #Tuesday! •

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  • ⚜️• #doorsofaachen #doorsofdüsseldorf #doorsofgermany • #doorsaroundtheworld

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