Creative Solutions

By Kikis de la Creme⚜️

Good Morning! Guten Morgen! ☕️🍩 • I greet you on this exciting week beginning! How are you? Did you know that ✨today ✨is the last day of the planet #Urano in the zodiac sign #Aries ?

Well, you might say …. so what ? 😄 . But it’s really a big event . Yesterday, my team and I did some brainstorming about what has happened during the last 7 year’s … since 2011 … and we love to share with you, that our profesional and personal life brought some important changes . We all grew and achieved new horizons in all aspects. On a worldly level you might remember i.e. the Tsunami from Tokyo…

Now I am enjoying a delicious coffee and have some interesting tips for this Monday . Come and join me 😊:

  • Todays numerology is #3
  • Your planning days are over ! 👍
  • Now, the dinámica changes and it’s time to take your good ideas 💡and turn them into something tangible.
  • However, there might be a few days of transition when nothing obvious happens 😐
  • Thankfully, you are being offered a chance to reconsider your recent activities before moving into new territory.
  • But your anticipation may be so intense nothing will stop you now… here I highly recommend to keep your walking 🚶🏽‍♀️ shoes 👟 handy . A round or two in the park can do a miracle to settle your energy boost 😅
  • So, please take it easy, a gradual start is advised
  • And by the way … making this a perfect moment to show everyone how good you are at finding creative solution… this is the road to #sucess
  • Happy Monday 🌷
  • May 14 , 2018 | Day 2 of #maynumerologychallenge

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⚜️• #doorsofaachen #düsseldorf #doorsofsiegen

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