Sunny Saturday

Good Morning ! Guten Morgen ☕️🍩 ! The Sun has conquered our #hearts again 😃 • it’s a travel-day for my team and me .

Although the weather is just perfect, there are some heavy mood swings in the air 😅

So, here are my tips for the day:

  • Since early trace your strategy! ( not like John-John who got the time schedule all mixed up 😂)
  • Today’s #nunerolgy is #one
  • A lack of proper planning could cause unnecessary #setbacks later in the day
  • Although it sounds counterintuitive, the most efficient #strategy is to spend extra #time in preparation,
  • begin slowly and build momentum as you go
  • on the other hand,a change of scenery will revive you after a long week
  • We will be in Maastricht , Netherlands today…
  • Happy Saturday 🌷
  • May 12 , 2018 | Day 1 of #maynumerologychallenge

more🚪 Door Inspirations

⚜️• #doorsofaachen #düsseldorf #doorsofsiegen

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