Tuesday Coffee

by Kikis de la Creme ⚜️

Guten Morgen! Good Morning! Today we are on-the-road since very early. Just arrived back to Düsseldorf to attend an invitation of a local architect. I will be speaking to a group of  architecture bachelors about water ( in general and detail) in offices and houses… Happily thesunshine-is still traveling with us, we are in excellent mood. The team is very inspired….before I continue,  I like to thank you for stopping by to get the daily update.

Are your ready ?

  • Today’s numerology is #6
  • My special suggestion for the day is: Put a filter 🙉 on anything you hear and avoid hasty decisions.
  • Also keep in mind, that the word “NO” with an exclamation mark (!) is a sentence.
  • I invite you to friendly mark your bounderies ⛔️
  • It’s admirable, that you have all this energy and enthusiasm to pamper others. But what happens to your own needs?
  • On the other hand, do you remember yesterday’s  Mood-Changer ?
  • When I gave the tip about the  Sun 🌞/ Jupiter opposition,  which could bring some swagger on a personal, professional and worldly level.
  • …buried desires, unconscious needs and even 😱 some of our own manipulative behavior…
  • 🧘‍♂️
  • Pacing yourself will ensure that great connections don’t fizzle out prematurely.
  • Hey and before run off…. here another tip: Apply all this also to business negotiations.
  • I know, that your are on a very #generous trip,  b u t  don’t give anyone the milk 🥛(or cream) for free.
  • Some of you might feel a little rebellious. So, watch your words and action.
  • Although you’d rather be naughty than nice, following rebellious urges can undermine your efforts.
  • Ohh,… and I promise this is the last tip for today: Think twice before you broadcast every mood swing on social media
  • At the office 👨🏻‍💻, keep it strictly biz!!!!
  • Now you are good to go!
  • Happy #Tuesday ! ☕️🥐☀️•
  • May 8, 2018 | Day 33 of #36dailynumerologychallenge

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⚜️• #doorsofaachen #düsseldorf #doorsofsiegen

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