Monday Vibes

Good Morning! Guten Morgen! How are you? Thanks for stopping by again 😊. It’s a fresh week with new opportunities. The moon is still in full bloom… you can imagine that I am sitting on my favorite veranda with ☕️ + 🥐.

Today’s ambience is very emotional and I have some very easy and super effective tips:

  • Count to ten before expressing your feelings.
  • And then…, count to ten again.
  • Now you are ready to share what’s on your mind ☺️
  • You know , there is a moment and a place for emotional disclosure
  • you may be so eager to bridge the gap between you and someone else that you reveal too much information all at once😱
  • I mean, certainly, there are times to take a risk, when deepening a relationship, but this may not be one of them
  • Today’s numerology is #nine and with this comes the clear invitation to turn pages, close chapter and move on
  • After the Scorpio full moon 🌕 another of the main subjects of the day (… and especially the following 10 days) could be your career
  • Are you ready to step into a new position? Finally there could be this promotion , the raise you asked for… Congrats 🎊🎉🎈🍾
  • I see you putting order in your payments / investments!
  • Well, this is basically all for the day .. Your moods will pack a punch today, so be careful who you associate with.
  • The influence of la Luna and Neptune (the dreamiest and moodiest planets) will practically sew your heart ❤️onto your sleeve.
  • you already know my tip …Count to ten
  • Happy Monday ! 🌺🌼🌸

April 30, 2018 | Day 26 of #36dailynumerologychallenge

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