Good Morning 🗺 🚘! How are you? I am traveling since early and the WiFi connection was bad or simply dead . So, I waited until the next coffeeshop to get this post out to you 😊.

Pampering myself with an extra large coffee and a donut 🍩.. oh my, life looks a lot better and the tips are ready for you !

  • Hopefully you have packed your #patience today for this numerology “five” day!
  • Trust me, you will need an extra portion of this and your breathing excercise (= survival kit👩🏼‍🔬)
  • Yes, there are sparkles ✨ in the air, but this are some of a different kind ☄️💥🤼‍♂️
  • You and the others are not in a compromising mood today
  • There is simply nofear to go 🤺head to head with an authority figure.
  • Power struggles and ego issues are on the menu, as the potent Mars-Pluto conjunction intensifies the ambience
  • So, it’s still important to treat any opposition fairly and with respect.
  • My special tip: The greatest victories are not won against other people, but won against yourself 😉☺️
  • Inhale | exhale | inhale | exhale … keep going you are doing so good … now you are relaxing 😎 and good to go!
  • Happy Thursday !
  • April 26 2018 | Day 22 of #36dailynumerologychallenge

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