Creative Solutions

Good Morning! Guten Morgen! Thanks for stopping by ! … probably today, I woke up together with the birds 🐦😂 . At least over here, it is really early. How are you this morning ? Enjoying the fresh breeze on my veranda, an 🌿 Oregano tea and some toast … my tips are ready:

  • It’s a Numerology #four day
  • Inviting to stick to some more traditional points of view.
  • But on the other hand, it’s also the clear invitation to stay open-minded to innovative concepts
  • How about combining both aspects ? 🤔
  • Now, I have a very sincere question for you … and please answer it with the hand on your heart :
  • Have you been sweeping relationship issues 💔❣️under the rug?
  • Watch out for that sharp tongue 😛. This is one of those day you will be pushed to deal with old luggage
  • Yeap! I know, confrontation is never comfortable…
  • Well, here the news… That mountain ⛰ of emotional ups-downs will demand your attention. Details are important too!
  • But hold on a sec! I mean, it is necessary to talk , but you should prepare a couple of keywords 📝 ;
  • think up a creative solution or two😉. Be mindful!
  • That way, the conversation can stay focused and proactive
  • Definetly this is your way to #success
  • Happy Wednesday! ☕️🍩

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