Monday Vibes

Good Morning😃! It’s a fresh week with exciting aspects… My weekend was so relaxing, that I am running a little late ( psst didn’t hear the alarm ⏰😂). Well, the coffee is running and the tips are ready :

  • Balance is the keyword for this #Monday ;
  • you are set to unearth more possibilities of directing your #drive and originality towards worthy pinnacles.
  • But in this occasion, it not necessarily has to be a solo-ride 🏎
  • How about forming a team, either on a personal or profesional level?
  • The current planetary aspect gives you a helping hand, plus
  • people will love to brainstorm and work together with you 👍😃
  • By the way, Mars and Jupiter tend to the flames of your most intimate relationships 😉
  • Give your assistance a break and answer your calls and emails personally!
  • Take time to appreciate the ones you love 💗
  • Happy Monday!
  • April 23, 2018 | Day 18 of #36dailynumerologychallenge


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