Sunny Sunday 😎

Hello Good Morning ☀️🌴! Did you enjoy yesterday’s relaxing mood? After the super stressful week and our water 💧 tube drama, yesterday was an oasis. Sunshine, outdoor lunch, a long walk and photo session in Queretaro downtown , coffee and a good talk with friends… I am back on track !

Today is E A R T H 🌏 Day! This foto is from the plaza outside my old boutique. I took it yesterday afternoon • Plaza de Templo San Antonio, Queretaro!

There is fresh energy on the menu and a super Mood uplift . Here my inspirations for today’s numerology “one” :

  • Your and my enthusiasm returns 😅
  • Plus your day shifts into high gear when the #Moon enters expressive #Leo
  • Although your creative muse ✨pops back in for a #visit,
  • you still need to overcome some internal resistance before you can transform your #inspiration into productivity.
  • Additionally #Plutoretrograde will help you to refine and re-define.
  • So, if you’re not ready to quit whatever it is, think about what it would take to get you jazzed about the situation, person or job again.
  • Take it easy and go with the flow
  • Weaving work and play together is the secret to your success 🧐😃•
  • ⚜️ the intangible represents the real power of the #universe • It’s the seed of the tangible⚜️
  • Happy Sunday!
  • Happy #Earth Day 🌏 !
  • April 22, 2018 | Day 17 of #36dailynumerologychallenge

•more🚪 Door Inspirations

⚜️ #doorsofqueretaromx #doorsofsanmigueldeallende #doorsofsanmiguel •

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