Good Morning 😃! How are you? I am enjoying my “petite déjeuner ” in bed. Yesterday, we had a broken 💦 tube in my Studio, which actually forced me to announce a last-Minute-cancelation of our “🎨 Paint & Sip 🍷 Event . There were a couple of totally unexpected moments… I am so happy it is weekend, Saturday! So, for now, I wish you a very joyful and relaxing 😎 day… here my inspirations with today’s numerology #9 :

  • You’re not interested in fighting today and will do nearly anything to maintain the peace😅
  • Although there is some mixed energy, now that the moon travels in ♋️ plus
  • the #Luna’s oppositions to Saturn and
  • Mars and Pluto in hardworking♑️ add create tension between our personal and professional lives
  • The good news is, that thankfully, our hearts💖 and mind can find #peace and #harmony, when the Moon trines Neptune and Jupiter.
  • You, me … we all need a little downtime now and then
  • My proposals: Brew up a second latte ☕️ and enjoy your newspaper
  • Plan a day off to pamper your soul
  • Or finally pick up that book you keep meaning to start, return a call or two, go to the park and listen to the birds singing 🐧🐦🐤..
  • But by all mean… R E L A X
  • My favorite quote for the day :”In the long run, the sharpest weapon of all is a kind and gentle spirit✨” (Anne Frank)
  • Happy Saturday!
  • April 21, 2018 | Day 16 of #36dailynumerologychallenge

•more🚪 Door Inspirations

⚜️ #doorsofqueretaromx #doorsofsanmigueldeallende #doorsofsanmiguel •

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