Who pushes your buttons?

Good Morning! 😃… is it just me, or do you need also urgently the weekend. Happily, Saturday is already lurking around the corner.  Today it´s my firm intention to work on my To-Do-List without any distraction 🤪 and switch over to more pleasant activities, as early as possible.

So, my agenda includes a couple of extra coffee – breaks and this is already the third coffee. My Lenormands are more than ready for you and there is good news ?

Day 11 | #36dailylenormandchallenge

36+ 15+12

Cross + Bear + Birds

  • Stability is today’s keyword
  • The beginning of the Taurus Season☀️♉️ brings a different energy.
  • mostly grounding, cultivating a sense of ease and contentment😃 .
  • Don’t rush or skimp on the practicalities of any plan.
  • No matter which choices are made or which course of action is chosen.
  • On the other hand your self-esteem is getting a fresh boom ✨(well deserved, after the shaky-Uranus-energy during the last days)
  • This fresh energy will also help you to handle a couple of unexpected delays, challenges or even a surprising discussion
  • My extra tip: You do good to pack half-a-kilo of #diplomacy
  • .. and of course expose your point of view
  • There is a happy solution of everybody
  •  😉 Enjoy!
  • Happy Friday!
  • April 19th, 2018 |#36morninglenormand

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