Roundtrip ?

… Is it just me or are you also sensing a different ambience this Monday ?

It is a working week and a busy Monday. But I feel relieved 😅. My early morning phone calls to a clients and a plumper service have been flowing astonishing well . Unbelievable! After weeks of struggeling, in many occasions,  to get my idea across … (of course people had some tough experience in talking to me too😁).

I know it is to early to sing victory, as Mercury, the messenger planet is just making it through its first day of traveling direct… But, let me enjoy this moment a little bit over my coffee-break ☕️😎💮📿🃏with the Ampelmann and my Lenormand:

Day 8 | #36dailylenormandchallenge

12 + 3 + 31

Birds + Ship + Sun

  • Indeed communication flows, better, clearer, but slow
  • Are you having any travel plans? … or your special someone ?
  • Keep in mind that the cross-wired communication needs still some time to settle and probably there can be delays
  • There is a roundtrip on the menu (that’s good news), but you need to pay extra attention to all the arrangement
  • Double-check 🗺 🧐 car reservation, hotel, tickets, if you ordered your special menus, window seat… just to throw in a couple of ideas
  • Now you are good to go!
  • You will enjoy the trip, something exciting is on the path, either for business or personal pursue
  • Happy Monday! Happy week beginning!
  • April 16th, 2018 | #36dailylenormandchallenge

Amplemann and Lenormand |Kikis de la Creme

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