Paraskavedekatriaphobia ?

Good Morning!

It´s Friday, April 13th, 2018 🛎 🤹🏻‍♀️✨

What a week ? Are your superstitious? I think there is nothing wrong about it, as long as your attitude is positive. As a Numerologist I consider it a lucky day. What do you think ? Do you suffer from “paraskavedekatriaphobia “? For me it is not a thing about your mindset, “law of attraction”:

  • Think positive and you will attract lots of blessings.

I have another good news for you. This is the beginning of a very special weekend.  On one hand, finally this Sunday, April 15th,  2018 the messenger planet of Mercury will turn direct. I don’t know you, but I am so happy about that.

On the other hand, this weekend marks the beginning of an astrological new year…with the Sun and the New Moon 🌚 in Aries ♈️

And if this would’nt be just enough reason to be happy 😃 … today is also the anniversary of my company and tomorrow my birthday . Lots to celebrate 🎉✨🎊🌴!

I like to say that this is like getting a beautiful journal 📓 book with blank pages. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheel. This sunday marks the beginning of a new chapter. So, roll up your sleeves and work on your strategy.

  • What is it,  you want for the following months?
  • What is on your wish-goal-list?
  • Or better said, what is it you want to realize?
  • Right now, you are standing at the edge of your past experiences, contemplating what there is yet to finish before you step into the next chapter of your life
  • Circle September 24th, 2018—the date of the corresponding FULL moon in Aries. You have five months to work on your progress!

But there is still more lets focus on the tips and details for today’s numerology! Are you ready ?

  • I love how #numerology and #astrology work together. Today’s numerology is #one
  • Think “limitless possibilities”,
  • but, also focus on structure and stability.
  • Also I like here to confirm the importance of compassion as a daily practice
  • Your fame or fortune—or true love💕—may be waiting for you in another zip code 🏝…or time zone
  • Starting today and especially under the 🔜expected lunation, entrepreneurial ventures and media projects get a boost from “la luna
  • So, every moment wasted looking back, keeps you from moving forward.
  • Sending you all a big hug! thanks for reading me and sharing the tips!
  • Happy  Friday! ☕✨
  • April 13, 2018 | Day 8 of #36morninglenormands

• •⚜ #doorsofqueretaromx #doorsofsanmigueldeallende #doorsofsanmiguel

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