Be grateful!

Good Morning ☀️😃! • Just made it to the coffeeshop 😅 . The traffic is hell, as today 25 million students get back to classes. “Patience” is definitely the keyword number one for this Monday. On the other hand the energy for the weekend beginning is really peaceful . No mayor planetary stress, besides #Mercury in the final week of being retrograde

Today’s numerology is six and here my special tips:

  • It’s as if you have been released from the necessity of reaching a goal that you recently set.
  • So, enjoy 😊 and focus on your environment; on people you have been “ignoring” lately
  • Who is this person that unconditionally stands by your side?
  • Who is the one that give this invisible support 24/7?
  • Who could you pamper and surprise with a latte or a bouquet of tulips 🌷?
  • Show how much you care
  • Be grateful!
  • Joy is rising ✨. Let your light shine!
  • Whether you’re sharing breakfast with a colleague or sitting at a staff meeting.
  • BUT on the other hand , if you want people to get on board with your vision…
  • present your ideas bold and passionately
  • plus don’t be afraid to toot your own horn
  • Happy week beginning! Happy Monday!
  • • April 8, 2018 |Day 5 of #36daynumerogychallenge

  • ⚜️ #doorsofaachen #düsseldorf #doorsofdüsseldorf #doorsofgermany • •
doors of San Miguel de Allende, Gto by Kikis de la Creme.jpg
doors of San Miguel de Allende, Gto | photo credit Kikis de la Creme

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