Let the Spring Training begin| Daily Numerology

Good Morning ☀️! … sending you a warm greeting from my veranda. It’s really early today, 7:20 am over here. These early hours, on a Sunday morning, are very precious for me. I love the silence , just completed by the beautiful singing of the birds; the sunrise.

This early-zen-moment before the house wakes up… enjoying my first coffee. My dogs and I already had a morning walk and now I am working on today’s tips of my #36dailynumerogychallenge.

Let’s see, today’s numerology is five: … you know, the problem with impulsively following your latest & greatest vision of #success is, that other #people are affected by your behavior

  • “Consideration” is today’s keyword. So, re-think the impact of your #decisions ➡️before ⬅️ not after😉 😊you do something you might later regret
  • On the other hand #mercuryretrograde is in the finals, but still retrograde
  • My special tip: run your vision through the reality filter
  • Crunch the numbers
  • Map out the timelines and guesstimate how much outside support you’ll need.
  • Your plan may need some tweaking if you want to pull it off.
  • Most important: Don’t be discouraged!
  • Sometimes scaling back for phase one will pave the way for an epic sequel.
  • Channel your impulsiveness and extra energy. Liven up your workouts with runs in the park
  • Add more greens to your plate 😅🥗
  • For a refreshing boost, add a few drops of lemon essential oil to your cleaning sprays.
  • Please share the tips with your friends, neighbor, family…😃 and enjoy the day
  •  Happy Sunday! 🌻

• April 8, 2018 |Day 4 of #36daynumerogychallenge

⚜️ #doorsofaachen #düsseldorf #doorsofdüsseldorf #doorsofgermany • •

dailynumerology with Kikis de la Creme jpg
Door in San Miguel de Allende, Gto. | photo credit: Kikis de la Creme

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