Who? …A Karmic Relationship? |Lenormand and Coffee

Here I am again 😃, with a nice coffee and my Lenormands.

Do you remember the cards ? Maybe you already had a chance to download them.

A big “Thank you” to all of you 🤗!

Last week, I got a couple of interesting emails. Questioning about those cards and …”how somebody like me is using these kind of tools..” (Mmmh, what are they talking about 🙃😂….).  Well, here the answers for all of you and to this specific person, who wrote to me…:

  • It is a tool, a metaphysical tool.
  • It is a very quick method in answering all kind of questions
  • Easy to learn and apply.
  • Fascinating in how accurate and clear the messages / answers are.
  • Very handy for traveling, as I made also an App in iTunes and Googleplay of my particular deck.
  • But, as I say, it is a tool…. You decide if you take or leave the message.

I hope this answers your doubts and you will like my new challenge. Probably by now you are already laughing about me… because there is already the #36dailynumerologychallenge and now I will have another one ? Yes! I spend yesterday’s afternoon on brainstorming which hashtag to give to this daily post.

Summing up:

  • Well, the deck has only 36 cards.
  • 3+6 = 9 The number nine is the Flying Star number which is hosting the center of the Lu Sho square this 2018. ( Feng Shui information) A very lucky number in the Chinese culture. So, the choice was between #36dailylenormandchallenge or #36morninglenormands 
  • I couldn’t decide ( probably because Mercury is still retrograde 🙂 )
  • So, I will use both hastag

Ready ? I invite you join me for today’s tip:

Day 1 | #36 dailymorninglenormands

18 + 36 + 27

Dog + Cross + Letter

  • A karmic relationship gains importance.
  • Even, when you have been doubting, you two are meant to be friends
  • This is a very lucky aspect for both of you
  • News is on the way… apparently a “casual” note
  • … BUT, with Mercury still retrograde, you do better in re-reading and re-thinking before answering or deciding
  • Read in between lines… the message has a “far-reaching effect”
  • Happy Friday! 🌸🌼🌺
  • April 6, 2018 | Day 1 | #36morninglenormands
Daily Spread | #36morninglenormands | Kikis de la Creme


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