Monday thoughts |Day 10

Hello Good Morning ! I greet you with my third coffee on this very first Monday of April . It’s Easter-Monday in Germany and still another day off, but now for us… over her, work is calling. I enjoy the fresh energy of a new month. April is an important month with my birthday and my company’s anniversary in store.

…Can’t believe, how time is really running, as there are only two days left of my #12-daily-post-challenge.

What I am going to do afterwards? …keep writing, focusing on a new hashtag  challenge?

Yesterday, over Easter brunch, my recent blogging activity had also been the “talk”. I got a shower of questions like :

“…• How do you find the time to still do “extra” writing ?

• Don’t you feel tired ?

• Who reads those things anyway? Why don’t you write about love or news? Do you get paid for writing a blog? ( Oh, that would be a great proposal!Hopefully, one day I am good enough for that)

• Where do you get the ideas?…”

I would say, the group of eighteen people from family to guests and neighbors was divided in three groups.

• The ones who are full of doubts and being critical… and actually think that this is a waste-of-time. But they promised to give it a read once in a while

• The ones who are “not-so-into-reading.

• Luckily there is also the group with nine members, who are “happy” for me. They strongly motivated me to keep writing, even when there are days, that not even the bookworm reads you.

Honestly, I didn’t expect this kind of “evaluation”. But before I went to bed yesterday, I had a better vision on what I will do. Today I concentrate on some brainstorming. Re-reading and re-check my journals ( the promise of paper and pen) to re-boost my creativity and for a fresh hashtag of the next writing challenge .

You know, the attitude makes the difference between success and failure. But a delay, one or several setbacks don’t necessarily bring an end to the world, as you know it. Overruling the facts and pushing forward with your program, anyhow, is not a smart move. However, reframing and restructuting your perceptions of a minor setback leads to an entirely different picture.

Now I have the chance to fine-tune my ideas, before putting them into action. I love challenges and practice makes the master !

Every flower must grow through dirt.

By the way today’s numerology is eight; a powerful Monday… I wish you all a beautiful week beginning and a very productive Monday!


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