A cup of happiness |Day 10

What happened to the beautiful spring sunshine? Just opened the curtains and I am greeted by a completely clouded sky .

It seems that with the current full moon 🌕 in Libra the weather changed too.

That won’t change my good mood. Especially today I woke up feeling very 😃 happy.

  • Let me share a cup of happiness with you!

“Is there any particular reason for being you so joyful this morning ? My friends Mo asks…”No, it just like this. I slept like a baby and feel ready for some super duper breakfast cooking . What do you think of some enchiladas verdes with chicken”, I answer with a big smile.

You remember I have the house full of guests this Easter weekend and it makes me really happy to pamper my friends with good food. I love to see them enjoying my cookies, cakes and hot dishes.

So, I have to hurry… the kitchen and my guests are waiting… wishing you all a very relaxing and joyful Saturday with this quote from Albert Schweitzer:

Happiness is the only thing that doubles when your share it. –

P.D. .. The Sun is already sneaking through the clouds…. XOXO

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