The first coffee |Day 8.5


Hello, good morning ! Thanks for stopping by on this long Easter weekend. It is a beautiful sunny morning.

Lupis I am enjoying my first coffee of the day.  Lupis, one of my dogs, and I are trying to understand what happened yesterday.

For the record, it was a very busy Wednesday, with a lot of tension in the air and it took me an “mega extra” effort to keep track with my 12-daily-post-challenge | Day 8.


But I did it! Winner

Nevertheless something happened to the post. It could either be that by posting it, I made a mistake -or-  that the elf, was sneaking around the corner, came by and prepared a little joke for me- or – that Mercury Retrograde did his thing.

I still have no answers for this. Since 20 hours my last post is out, but with 2 (two) different titles. In Facebook you will find it as Loyalty is Loyalty  but here in my blog it appears as Once the Magic is broken

How did this happen ? I have no clue! Any suggestions? I am all ears and would be happy to fix it and prevent that this happens again.

For now, I am having my 2. cup of coffee, continue scribbling in my journal and doing some brainstorming on:

  • What could be the lesson?
  • What’s the hidden message?
  • Is my text still interesting?
  • Can I do some re-phrasing or re-writing in honor to Mercury Retrograde and to all my readers?
  • Should I delete yesterday’s post ?

I firmly believe and trust in the promise of paper and pen.

So. I will keep writing and my 12-daily-post-challenge |Day 9 will be out this afternoon:)

Meanwhile, I wish you all a very happy and joyful Thursday (“Gründonnerstag”)!  Please share with me your thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you all for being here with me, it is a privilege and an honor.

Sending you a big hug .



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